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William of Scotland

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William the Lion is king of Scotland from 1165 to 1214.  With a good constitution and having a solid personality his reign was long, but it continues mainly under the domination of the Kings of England.  In fact he takes part in the revolt of 1173-1174 against Henry II Plantagenet and is captured during the battle of Alnwick.  He is sent to Falaise to be detained at the château.  It is there on 8 December 1174, that he signs the humiliating constraint, the Treaty of Falaise, accepting to be vassal to the king of England for his territory of Scotland and placing the Church of Scotland under the authority of the Church of England.  To restore his liberty he had to cede the royal châteaux and release the hostages. Later, under the reign of Richard the Lionheart, the terms of the treaty were amended involving a large sum which was to serve to finance the expeditions of Richard in the Holy Land.

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